Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KAMI (19th - 23th April 2013)

peace be upon you .

wuddup people? ok this week is actually midsem for us UiTM students. so in that case i took the chance to meet up my bestie at UM and UPM.

First Day

berjalan dalam UPM. i always wanna walk around UPM cause the place is so huge. like freaking huge. imagine if you just wanna get to a place , you need transportation. walk is literally can but you will end up exhausted. so we took UPM bus to go around. with Syaza of course since Meera wasnt around as she got class trip to Sarawak.

this is Syaza.

very the chinese look right ? haha. i know.

anyway on that time, syaza show me lot of things, masjid UPM, fakulti , blok kediaman, how to move around UPM, the activity, theater (which i longing so long to be part off) , cafe and many more. best. the real university environment that i like. well compare to my own uni now. its very sad.

plan on that time just wanna walk around UPM but end up took the bus to KTM Serdang and straight to Mines. cerita dia bila dah tak ada apa nak buat movie, karaoke and bowling lah cerita dia.

well i got a story.

on that day it was friday. so the day supposed to be solat jumaat right ? on that time i watched GI Joe with le syaza. it was on that time if im not mistaken at 1230 where the movie just started and i saw the cinema was pack with guys who are healthy and in a perfect formal attire as if they just come straight from office.

and guess what ? yup they are.

flummoxed ! for real. why in the whole world there will be guys on the cinema? so i guess you guys can already guess this right ? they skip SOLAT JUMAAT for god sake. so they hiding on the cinema. the movie end at the right time actually. right at 2pm. where all the guys should be done with prayers and they can straight to go back office.


i really hope this wont ever happen in my family nor all of my generation. this sadden me deep :'(

my husband especially.

Second day

as i say to syaza that i wanna go shopping i ask her to take me to BB to go for a boutique that i found on the internet (online boutique) for some boots. its actually my habit for quite sometime i hate buying stuff online cause disappointed for the look of it in real.

so i tend to go to the boutique myself.

agape boutique.

the shop was actually at Fahrenheit BB and as we go back from there i saw this street performer doing some errr stand the longest there ? kinda exciting ya know. then i saw a mat salleh guy at the lrt station busking a song.

i thought to give him some money and request a song and dance along but on that time i was rushing actually. too bad if only i have my camera on that time. i wish i can vlog again :(

later that night we went midvalley, oh did i say it was the same day actually ? yeah pusing satu kl. LOL.  we went mid to meet a friend of mine Lukmanul Hakim which soon gonna fly to france to further his study there on chemical engineering. such a nerd ! haha

andddddddddddddddd to meet my bitch Shahmiera Roaslan ! yeay !!

here some pict of us :)

ok got to admit, this is going to be a very longggggggggggg post. haha 

later that night we slept at UM as sha's university is there. as we were just too damn tired, we doze off right away but something funny going on. syaza was sleep-talking. hell i tell you. it was damn funny !! guess she must have been so tired with her architecture life :)

so cute.

ok got another story. haha. during we were at fahrenheit as in syaza and me, we were desperately going to the toilet to do some business there. haha. so on that time syaza went the toilet and accidentally shower herself with small tap inside the toilet bowl. you know right the toilet which not provide any water tap unless some tissue and small tap inside the bowl one? 

kinda hard to do some shit. 

i swear to god this is the hardest toilet i've ever been. ridiculous design of a toilet. if only i get to meet the designer i will slap their head hard using brick ! how troublesome. well i thought on that time , only chinese use this kind of toilet system since you know they don't usually use water to clean all that but dayyum man ! i was wrong. this woman with her child goes in straight to the toilet and found that the system are like this for all the units, so she kinda whining to my suprise and go away. i thought they like this system. 

i was wrong. 

everyone hate it ! same system use at The Mines. dayyum man !

owh anyway i have to show you this !! sha went wild at mid. she always like this. we too <3 nbsp="" p="">
love my bitchess XD

sha is crazy bunch sampai kena rasuk dia ha on that time. LOL 

 dear aya and meera. Please be jelly when u see this :3
i really hope the next time, in this animation there will be five of us. i really hope. 

ok fine. i know. its not fair to just show this picture. i will show more. the other people that i meet. hell yeah. aya, ok i know, kita pun ada banyak picture jugak kannnn hehe

 i even did gwiyomi with megat. Love him !!! so cute laaaaa haha

 i love all of my friends. i mean bestie. i always do.

hey !!! jumpa anep !! wuhuu lama tak jumpa XD

 well this is meera. actually this is the last day i was there. meera just get back from sarawak due to class trip so actually on that time she just get back from airport and straight away going out lepak together. i mean weyhh terharu mak noks. she didn't even sleep ok. penat tu.

nakal meera ni buat prank.

we try to mimicking some friend's style when we take picture together. haha

 Nurul Ameera version

 me ;)

 Shamiera Roaslan version

 Zukiman version

Cahaya version

love you guys :')

ok damn. this is just too long. just one last picture.

just a little shoutout for my best buddy on the picture above, known him since primary school, kinda like my bros ; remember this dude. 

don't do drug
don't do club (even you wanna be a Dj)
don't drink
don't sex (i know you purchased durex. bhahaha)

don't forget the almighty
don't forget your family


don't forget your buddy here ;)  wink ! 

a very great experience indeed. thanks for everything, guys :)


  1. oh my god ! i terharu gila , oh my sweet syg .... ak nangis i wish to meet u again :(

  2. wait up i wish we're going to meet up again , me you sha meera aya megat anep kiman symm all together , and i miss u guys .. and lukman hey sian plak dia tak di mention , and abg shaika gatal lol

  3. OMG !!! this crack me a lot !! abang i gatal ! LOL hey syaza jangan layan dia serious ! hahahahhaha ok ini sangat kelakarrrr XD

    yeah i really do hope next time its gonna be all of us. i mean ALL of us. cuti sem ni jum ah. semua cuti kan. lama pulak tu. haha

  4. krik krik krik..:')

  5. cant forget how i menyorok dkt tepi meja sbb nk buat u tkejut smpai lenguh bubuntut i and end up u doest seem like shocked..haha..semangat x..