Thursday, March 14, 2013

Special Day XD

peace be upon you

AKHIRNYAAAAAA !!! boleh pun update. beruk can be use again. sesuka je ayah tukar password ahah

anyway, *bunga api please*

today is actually my birthday. yeay yeay yeay !! im 20 bebeh. im old !! ok that part im old tu macam tak necessary la pulak kan,,

anyway, erm, to be true, this is the age that im waiting for so long, cause on this age i feel much different and DIFFERENT? i dont know how to describe. most people would say alah tukar nombor digit umur je, apalah sangat but erm, helloooo its big to me ok.

not that big but big lah .

anyway, i miss the moment of celebration as past year. nak reminisce balik things.

this is the celebration last year. tu aku buat buat nangis tu. ok. actually aku terharu gila time ni. macam woow ok, like sumpah sweet on that time. as you can see the cake, it was ,, ermmm, idk how to say but it was a bit sad actually, celeb time last minit, so yeah.

it was RM4 cakes double on layer to make it look big anddd like wow ok just idk i feel grateful ok, that cake is nothing but sumpah terharuuuu gilaaaaaaa. right after the cake candle tiup bagai apa semua, me and my besty start throwing water balloon. its a war. sumpah besttt on that night .

well that was last year. during my final year on matriks.

well this is the story of this year. it was freaking DULL. FREAKING DULL !

not trying to sound like being ungrateful but yeah it is the reality. maybe aku dah terbiasa disambut kot. lalalallaa. i dont blame people here, i guess normal kot, masuk tempat baru and meet new people and celebrate it the way i always do macam tak kena pulak kan. ye ah rapat pun tak. i guess people here dont know me well enough. yet.

sokay someday they will.

anyway, the older i've become, i dont think people still need to ask present from their parent. kan ? as for me, the older you've become, i think we are the one who should give something to our parent. i wish them thanks for taking care of me since the first day and show them my love.

aku rasa tu lagi appropriate. kan ? hee,

anyway, im 20 now people XD

till then  :)


  1. Ingat batu bata, kek rupanya HAHA molot jahat

  2. hoi !!! ini sungguh kejam yaaaa. haha