Saturday, February 23, 2013

Result and fail relationship.

peace be upon you.

ok in this post im gonna talk about my result and its quite intense to be true and yeah just bear with it duhhh.

 first and foremost , this is the schedule i've made for my final test and stuff. the last row is the day which i supposed to hang out with besties and it doesnt turns out as plan but yeah still had the chance to meet them.

motivation side for my personal read but i guess wont be that personal now since i share it here though.   it just right cross my bed so bila bangun tidur terus nampak la this motivation quote and stuff. kira macam fuel for me before i start my day. tetapkan mission why i was there . haha

ok lets start !

alhamdulillah, my result wasnt that bad actually. i got 3 pointer above but didnt reach the dekan standard which is really disappointing. sebab aku belaja dengan teramatlah teruk, teramat amat teruk. haha aku rasa belaja kali ni kot yang aku agak melampau.

thing is aku study sampai tak makan , i mean this shit, really tak makan. and i didnt even go out from the room even ambik angin ke apa. aku just keluar bila mandi or wudhu' or buang air ke apa. yang penting je or else haram ah nak keluar bilik. menghadap je buku 24/7.

somehow i want to get dekan so bad cause ;

1. aku ambik pt. aku try so hard to change the pt to be scholarship. so each sem i need to struggle myself to get dekan. so pointer bagus no more suffering habis degree. thats what i thought lah.

2. sangkaan aku pada kos yang agak senang. but i was wrong akaun really kills me. aku memang cannot go with akaun. but i try my best and yeah lulus akhirnya.

3. because of someone. haaaa, ni agak malas nak cerita but yeah just let me spill this up. on that time, i was with someone and that someone which i love most suka bagi real good motivation. and i love him for that. really i am. dia cakap you know this is cabaran for me , kalau i didnt do my best on my final on that time, he will go. yo know what, on that time, i really love what i have now. macam dah ada kat comfort level which aku tak nak loss anything including him.

so i guess thats the solid reason kot why aku struggle gila sampai pengsan semua.

aku ingat lagi one night after i pass out , aku dah ok, aku tweet about that, well thats how i connect with friends since aku sorang dalam bilik, and he idk maybe read my tweet and he called me and asked to go eat. to be truth that is the time yang aku proper makan which aku makan nasi. or else like other struggle night , aku just drink coffee and biscuits only. poor my soul.

but as the saying goes, at the end he is the one who wanted to go. and aku bukan orang yang suka paksa. you know if u want to be with me, come, and if you want to go, just go. but promise me, do not come back. still remember dia cabar, tengok siapa yang pecahkan relationship ni. and yeah, we already know the answer; its him. poor you.

anyway, forget the past shall we? susah aku nak tulis about my secret life . aku tak suka share relationship but yeah thats how it went. always turns out bad and idk malas nak cerita lebih. LOL. im so bad in this thing.

i guess thats all about the result and a little mix of something personal? well, later :D

p/s: if you happen to read this, yeah you know who you are, stop calling me. please.