Saturday, February 23, 2013

Me being a girl.

peace be upon you.

so hey guys, ehem ehem see the title. yeahhh you know what im talking about mannnnn,,,

well, to be truth there is nothing special about being 20. it just such a normal days and stuff but well, for a girl as in ehem you see, 20, we are kinda people thought matang already huh?

pfft, ok just let me spill on my story life which i think sangatlah berbeza with other girls out there?

i admit im not that pretty, but cute, LOL joke. im not that brilliant but im trying to be in so many aspect whatsoever, im not that perfect as much as other people too i guess, but im improving and im not that pleasant as what people thought i am .

i dont know why people interest in me.

why man why ?

by i say man, u know what i mean.

being 20 , benda yang paling ketara is between your parent. i realized at some point my parent giving me more freedom in my life. i mean before this if i wanna go just about anywhere they will absolutely ask me where to go and such and with whom bla bla bla until the end i kinda turn off to go out anymore. BUT NOT WHEN I AM 20. trust me on this.

you see, my parent is kinda conservative you know.,

as an example, like there is this one day i ask my parent to go KL just to meet up with some friends and such and guess what ? ok i cant believe this. on that time we had some breakfast together and to my suprise they didnt even ask me all those annoying question instead they ask me WHEN to go and straight away give me the money to have fun there.

tolong ternganga cause aku teramatlah ternganga on that time.

i dont even ask the money cause as usual kalau aku nak ke KL have fun ke apa, they wont give me the money. i will use my own but this time its so much different. oh wow !

but hey i cant break their trust anyhow.

that was about the freedom.

then about the other thing which i dont have really interest on. about getting marriage. ok idk why but somehow macam trend eh kahwin awal sekarang? ke semua dah tak dapat tahan nafsu dah ? ok that was total joke XD

as a girl, idk somehow when you being 20, this thing you cannot run away with. means like no matter how much i hate it or not even interested i need to get ready. just be ready. not la as in pergi kursus kahwin ke whatever stuff but eh apa salahnya lah ! joke again -.-'

what i mean is basically kena belajar masak, kemas rumah, kira all of the family management dah kena prepare. that is what i mean by getting ready. seriously aku tak berminat about this. cause on my life plan , aku akan fikir this stuff when im done with my degree. i think boleh tunggu kan? it just that too much thing that aku tak capai lagi. chill ah kan .LOL . but everything dah ditentukan so i just follow the flow.

here comes the truth. not that when im 20, even before i reach this age, jeng jeng jeng, dah ada mak mak yang datang risik. the best thing is even come and meet my mum personally. asking for my hand. no im not joking this is real.

yup, anda dibenarkan menganga. cause aku pun menganga time tau benda ni. HAHA

i didnt know about this until at some point like idk 5 months after baru ibu cakap. actually tercakap. ohmaii, even that guy i know, basically my own friend. wow i mean WOW ! i thought this thing like just in movie but i was totally wrong weyh. like TOTALLY !

well other than that, suddenly i got extra attention from guys which im not really comfortable with. psycho guys calling me late at night and stuff. it just,,, i dont know. im not comfortable.

i think its kinda normal when you be 20? eh ?

anyway, that is just split things comes along when i reach this age. see down here. i do make a vlog about this ya know, to share out how i should react and stuff. teehee. if you happen to be younger that 20 when you read this, i just wanna say hey and hello, nanti awak rasa lah benda ni nanti. chill jeeeee. muahahha.

tak membantu. serious.

happy watching :D


anyway, the girl Shiela on this vlog, after aku jumpa dia that day, 3 days after, she get married yaww. i think you will understand me more when you watch the vlog and already be 20. you will feel me more for real.

i tend to laugh now but idk i just cant. such indescribable feeling ever !!

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