Monday, October 29, 2012

Move on.

Dude, read this.

I've stop liking you.
I've stop missing you.
I've stop stalking you.
I've stop admiring you.
I've stop listening to 'that' song.
I've stop being clumsy when i heard your name.
I've stop being excited when i saw your tweet.
I've stop nervous knowing what is your rep when i approach you.

I've stop looking at your picture when i miss you.

In fact, I already deleted the picture. Well, its an accident but at one point where i wanna put it back on my phone i just thought that " Hey, whats the use of this? "

Dude, i've move on. All night before i sleep, yeah every night, i remind myself, if you do want me, you already make your move. Well, its all just daydream , huh?

Well, goodbye. Thanks. Thanks for everything.

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