Tuesday, July 31, 2012


hey hoo assalamu'alaikum.

so this last few days kinda a reckless day to me. too many things linger in my head like ask me to just shoot right ahead of mine. two stuff bug about two friends of mine which i don't know what the hell with theirs and plus something to worry bout my upu. hell, got to do something yaww.

so about friends of mine, there is this girl and this guy. sheesh no need to spill out in here, but erm, it just that ok maybe if i do something out of my vision or thought that may triggers sensitivity towards someone, then hell he mad about it, well sorry. i didn't mean to in the first place ok.

well second story, idk what the hell with her, i don't know what the hell have i've done that truly make her piss of to bit. ok maybe you were mentioning someone else but the fuck you messaged me with that suspicious act then tweeting like it was something so overwhelm-ly stupid regarding how useless of you trusting someone, oh i should never trust you in the first place, oh hell i can smell something and bla bla bla. ok maybe i was wrong la for thought that maybe you talk about someone else but fuck it. it obviously shown through you tweet.

you know what, im trying to say this from the beginning. you skeptically assuming people like us strangers do just murdered your mom. dude, me and him are just an acquaintance not a friend. you know the different of both level right? RIGHT ? dayyum girl. you're just too easy give up a whole trust over someone that was your first time knowing then you babble yourself how can you trusted the person? i can guarantee you , i can be trusted insyaallah. im not the type of girl going to make everything something to gossip off with people. no thats not me. you've gotto chill a bit. stop assuming ! CHILL. its not like this whole world gonna stop doing stuff and start listening to you. sometimes ya know, you yourself should reflect to your own self. you just so full of bad thought. full of assuming. come on. CHILL. i don't know how many time i have to say this. CHILL ! gaddd -.-'

another topic.  my upu. i got stuff to be done. things to photostat, renew the ic, passport picture, form validation, track back old document eg parent birth certificate (i don't know what the hell  UiTM need one. ic not enough uh?), medical checkup which should be done this evening, and some other stuff. geee, need to settle it fast. maybe it might be a little awal but hell to the o. raya gonna be another 3 weeks and by that 3 weeks, it seriously such a short time if you only can move here and there not that frequent. plus, my family are the kind of getting to raya so soon. so everything just gonna be chaos. by then, need to settle this so raya would be my calm one. heh.

just that to update from now. i don't give shit to people so be nice ok. trust me it easy for me to turn someone that i know to just a bunch of nobody. till then, bye poker face. *moving out while flipping shawl :)

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