Friday, May 4, 2012

Toughest night.


hey hey hey :) hey korang.

what's with the title? ok erm, i don't know tonight seems like macam tak superb sikit ah, this is weird. usually when something comes up i will post a status on fb or tweet about it but i don't know tonight seems like i have to spill it here since i can do essay here, aite. clearly.

ok on twitter something happened. its a twisted relatinship you know. someone wanna somebody to happy then give another strangers to one of the somebody. i don't like it that way. its like 'dude, love is sacred. so please treat it that way.' thats all i got  to say, i do really understand ur intention but to choose me equal to disaster. trust me. it won't work.

then about my friend. we were somekind of in a cold war something? im not really sure but indedd its not cool. bestfriend i don't know maybe its because of the distance? like the closeness that we have before kinda like begin to dull. i hate to say this. yeas i do.

anyway, gtg. i think sleep is the best medicine for now. so bye guys. have a good day and remember please mind your every single words and never took relationship as merely light thing for you to care for. if you still doing it, someday it will come to you back.

ok bye :D

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