Monday, April 30, 2012

Big announcement :D


Assalamu'alaikumwarahmatullahhiwabarakatuh :D

*bunyi bunga api pom pom pom

hehe hye korang. jantung berdebar. hari ni actually just nak announce something which is i've already change my url blog into something nicer. you get what i mean? haha

ok sebelum ni aku kan guna nama ' insolentmusical ' but now i've change to ' dearshaikanadwa'. so ehem, maybe adalah error kalau aku tukar url bagai nikan. but yeah i just need to inform u guys balik just in case :)

alkisah nama url yang pertama. blog ni dicipta ketika aku masih lagi budak or bahasa lain hidung masih berhingus. haaa, faham tak maknanya di situ. means aku create blog ni tuk main luahan perasaan la. on that time pun aku suka menulis and aku rasa kalau guna blog, it will be permanent. so yeah. somehow i just thought that nama insolentmusical tu pun takut akan membawa makna yang salah kat korang kan. you know.

insolentmusical = muzik kasar.

so people might thought this blog were some sort of bitching iching thing. teehee. so sorry. didn't mean that. at first the intention were that but now not anymore i guess. this blog i create special for sharing my daily life. i don't know how to give advice as im not perfect as much as you guys. i do make a mistake but im not regretting it as those lessons that comes along. i love expressing how i feel towards some new things i found or like you know how i've change to be more feminin? haha yeah sorta like that.

or maybe if i've been into some place new. might as well share it here though.

owh yeah, i will also use this blog as my vlog sharing since some sort of things will be more suitable if i share it through video i guess. so please like it ? LOL seems i got less confident over there. might as well be the best of me then.

owh anyway, before this i don't really prefer other people to follow my blog due to secrecy i spill here  but now i have open up the door for you guys to add me (i used to hide the follower button before ). with that number of followers somehow can explain a lot i guess. yeay for that ! yippie. maybe as well after this i will share with you guys something, who knows.

erm, i guess just that. may you guys have a blast and see ya later :D

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