Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ethic .

Up until now, I still couldn't get this type of person. The type who never fail to wander me for the reason why they did that. Its involving a person who always tangle up the conversation. You get what I mean?

Example like this. You and the person, lets say the person is B. so you guys have this one conversation, on Facebook or even on phone message or BBM whatever stuff. Then while you guys still talking, B didn't respond and just leave the conversation like that. Simply like that. Do you get what I mean right now?

I just have this one opinion about this matter. Its RUDE ! Or perhaps in Malay I preferebly to categorise it as in KURANG HAJAR !

I mean does this type of person know what its mean by conversation ethics? Or like manner? Don't they learn that before? Come on la. This is such basic. Everyone knew that.

I, personally admit I hate people like this. Neway, who love them right? Yes, I will blow up the friendship if the B get too over limit. Seriously I can't tolerate with this type.

First thing first, I just wanna wish congrates for your succeed to waste my time. (For those who ever did that to me before.) Anyway, I have this one experience. Its not one but many. I just knew this one guy from college. His name I guess you guys don't need to know. He and me sometime do message talking about something personal. Not that deep personal I mean like about class, what do we do now and stuff. I mean we were on the same course so yeah. No big deal I guess. Please don't get me wrong.

Ok. the conversation only last for five I guess then its stop as he didn't respond to it. Like yeah. Without saying bye or giving a hint he left which is ssooooooooo F*****ing RUDE !

Can I give you an example again?

That guy : hey :)
Me : hey :)
That guy ; so what are you doing now?
Me : erm, study. U?
That guy : owh I do nothing. Just relax here at my room.
Me ; hmm, don't you have any homework then?

After another half an hour I realized that he won't respond. It happened six time by now.

Dude, I can tolerate cause I thought you have problem there. But if its involving more than three times I guess I having it too much then.

And it end just like that. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE SITUATION AT THAT TIME? For god sake, I cussing a lot of time and yeah I feel like wanna smash my phone to the wall.

Well, I just wanna remind you, the reader. Please please. Don't do this. Please. Its suck ok. Especially for the guys. You always do this cause somehow guys are not that alarm to this. You guys don't even care.

Well the finish up of my story, at last I deleted the contact number and I swear to god I won't contact him ever again. I swear !

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