Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The haul ! sukasukasuka. again. gedik mak aih *tampar diri

so what is the haul that i talk about huh? hmm, here is it.

like seriously i've been longing for this for so long. you know i stay at Kuala Kangsar. so watcha think? of course there is no such thing here. pfft. thank you brother and kak fifie. i love you damn hard. HARD HARD HARD. wahahaha. sounds gay? do i care? heh

then i got a new bag. for the class of course. this bag is so functional and big. wuuu freaking adore it. it has three ways to put it on. can be use as a sling bag, as a tote and a normal way. beg budak sekolah rendah tuuu . it is in a brown color which is natural spring mood and made from leather mix with fabric. so comfy. get it for RM35. so affordable.

good bargain.

then i got myself a new wallet. trust me i didn't use any wallet for almost two years. I don't know why i don't feel like i don't even need it. probably thats because before this i never have any ATM card which is good for me so i don't spend the money for vain. and i don't always with a huge amount of money at a time as i am very careless.

since im going to the matriks which i really need it so i buy one. its cheetah pattern. black and white. my favourite color. not too many section between it. and its sooo me.

tak boleh besar lagi gambar -,-'

so yeah thats it. have a good day yaww :)

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