Thursday, May 19, 2011

another 4 days ladies and gentlemen ! YES another 4 days. good job shaika =.='


just so you know, the day remaining is only 4 days left minus today for me to settle up everything but up until now. GUESS WHAT ? even the form never been print out yet ! YES ! you do read it. i still NOT PRINT IT OUT YET ! fffiiissshhhhhhh...

so basically its all about the technical problem not from my side but from the website itself. whenever i try to open it up it appear '505 internal error' and my computer couldn't read it. like WTH.

*so lame lah ini komputer =.='

i know i know my bad. then to add up with some of another problem which i couldn't put aside. pfft. so now on i have to wait for the time where not many people get online so i can reach the file. yeay ! still my job is not done yet. i got several stuff to do.

first, i need a validation from someone who entitled grade A officer. whoever i don't care but i guess it's settle cause my mum will handle that. she's going to bring it to the MARA to get the chop. too dramatic? whatever

then i need to find something that i have to attach together with the form. HAIYA TOO MANY MAA!

so whatever it is, serve me right ! =.='

Reminder : Procrastinate is not cool !

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