Tuesday, April 12, 2011

what i do ? owh yeah hanging there for awhile..

guys, 5 minutes please. i need to find my mood back. seems like they run to their moms :(


HALLUUU WHUDDUUPPPPPP yaww!! im back. ok not that back but yeah im BACK. i guess its been so long since the last time i blog. owh ok. i just missed to punch the keyboard anyway. lets update. hmm, talking about vlogging. i've stop for awhile cause there is a problem with my camera. the charger blow up which i don't really know why. i do have conduct this with my parent but they blame me cause i always charge it for more than 12 hours daily. so betya think it won't  blow up? eekkk you're wrong. oh no im wrong.

so i don't know when will i make another vlog since i got millions of things to share now. yeah stupid brain. when i don't have the equipment the idea pop out from my head like crazy. sheesh. hate this. i feel like i have a prob which cause all of my gadget to stop functioning. thank you body. really helpful here. i guess this prob wouldn't stay long cause at this end of April my mum's got an reunion at PD which yeah ya know its a beach so there will be many activities and i will be very sure that my mum's are going to get a new one to replace the old charger cause its an important day for her. 

now on i just update my self by watching every vids of the channel that i've subscribe. most of them i can say is canadian. WAWAWA i love their so accent so damn much.
wow im typing like crazy.

so yeah, recently i got this so unmotivated comment from someone through my tutorial vlog. whatever stuff. i don't wanna show to you guys which vids. search it yourself. the comment sound like this.

1. its suppose to be an accent. not slang. cause both of this words got two different meaning. mind that.

Slang is the use of informal words and expressions that are not considered standard in the speaker's dialect or language. It is often used to identify with one's peers and, although it may be common among young people, it is used by people of all ages and social groups.

 EXAMPLE : Slang very often involves the creation of novel meanings for existing words. It is common for such novel meanings to diverge significantly from the standard meaning. Thus, "cool" and "hot" can both mean "very good," "impressive," or "good-looking".

an accent is a manner of pronunciation peculiar to a particular individual, location, or nation.

2. the way i talk, the way i dress, the way i think is me. i don't try to fake it. i never try to make a jog. i never intend to make a parody or whatever stuff. this is me and swallow that hard. oghehh..

3. i don't know what really happen but this girl sounds so annoyed with the way im talking. ok darling, you see. i may never been my whole life live in US or UK. i also never been there before even once but still THIS is the way im talking. i do myself doesn't even realise that i have an accent which i just knew after you say it. well nah. i talk like this since i am still a little kid who really possessive over learning English. so i talk in English like forever. so why did you mean by i fake out ?

4. Dear sister of 22 years old, i think you need to be more sensitive. how come people not being offensive by reading your comment? just think about it. put yourself in my shoe. ok :)

ok now i talk a lot. since like hijabers out there are going nuts by not being so supportive over each other. let me point this out again.

even sometime i sounds bad. thank you.

that is why i always make an essay here. thanks for reading lah.

untuk orang berumur 22 tahun, sorrylah yer. mak cepat sentap nakk...

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