Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my wish

i don't know what happen now on but seriously i wanna have my own bestfriend in a GUY version. well duh. i don't even have my own Girl bestfriend. too bad. im not living in a dimension where i am allowed to have one -.-

having a GUY friend is great ya know. i use to have it once. we use to laugh like A LOT ! then screaming and talking like pervert ehem but not that bad la. we never talk obscene language. so yeah. its sin. hmm, then we use to do what boys always do. its fun compared to what girl's do. it is less freedom. so i preferably to have a GUY friend. should be more fun.

just in case why you wondering why  am i saying this well i am seriously mean it. not a friend from this internet stuff but in real. like REAL. i kinda shy to post this on my Facebook status cause ya know. many people reading it but to compare to blog i guess there are more people who read it anyway. i don't care. i just have to express. plus, if i post it on Facebook, my friend will definitely comment something nasty. well whatever. its just me by the way.

i used to be a tomboy once so i know which one is better either male friend or female friend. so yeah.. i wanna grab ice cream now :DD