Sunday, April 24, 2011

i need license like seriously need it.

now on, most of my friends already have their own driving license like for me its awesome. as you know they are free now to drive everywhere they want. as they wish ! as a school leavers, my friends are so eager to get one. like its a deal between life and death. like if they didn't have it they thought that they are like a loser a maniac a someone-whom-will-never-succeed and stuff all that. pfft. pissed off.

its almost end of April and its going to be May after this and im still here stuck in my house learn nothing. like all the plan are just a vain. i thought off going to sign up for the class but i don't think i gonna make it to the last. IPTA intake will be on 1st June and matrix are at the end of May. too early. i guess. but still i think its going to be ok. im tired of being at home.

for the last month and month and month before, they (my friend on FB) brag about their license. not really brag but a bit like show off.

 i can't even bare to read it twice yaww !

do i need to tell you more , dad ? :'(

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