Saturday, March 26, 2011

awesome thing wasn't suppose to be so hard you know.

i miss my blog damn much. i miss my blog. like seriously and OH GODDD i miss you guys damn much! trust me.

actually there are million things i should have update here. i am apologize for my lateness and for my laziness. well duh. i am being too busy lately. with the result day (psst vlog there) , applying scholarship, applying UPU , checking the possibilities everywhere and ect. so yeah lets begin.

as you know it all, on 23rd March is the big day as the day is the day where i take my SPM result. yes im freaking out. yes i couldn't control myself right on that time. oh yes im excited. to tell you the truth i am beyond excited to know how it will look like. i wish to God that i get myself 6A's. so on that day i went to school quite late at 11 a.m. everyone were there. my friend and all. im so happy to meet them. but the thing is most of them were crying which i don't really get why. getting bad result? ehem, i don't think so. they are an excellent student. so at last i figured that after being told by the teacher that they didn't get straight A's which is what they targeted. higher expectations end up with higher disappointment.

frankly says i didn't get best result ever. this is my downfall. this moment. i never been so down like this. but don't worry it wasn't that bad. im good and improving. so erm, after getting the result i can even laugh with it. my bad actually for doing it so carelessly. im not focus. done. so everything i do it appear on my result. grateful is what i can do.

with this opportunity i would love to celeb for those who get like what they wish for. straight A's, 9A's achievers, 8 A's achievers, 7 A's achievers, 6 A's achievers or even 5 A's achievers or perhaps all of the achievers CONGRATULATION for that. remember being grateful is what you should do and stay humble okey. no show off and mind other people feeling.

and yeah for SU'AIDAH KHAIREDIN congratulation for your awesomeness. you really are that amazing. not just that you are the most amazing friend i have ever have. the most understanding. the most trusted friend. the most everything. you do help me a lot when im so difficult to fit in at the new school. you even grab my hand and you lead me when i didn't find the room where the debate audition been held. you push me up when im falling through. you are the first of my friend who wish me and sing me the birthday anthem following the guitar pick with only five string cause its broken without you notice in the middle of night even though i don't know exactly who are the one calling me.  that is so sweet. im speechless. you are the one who i should confront when i have a prob and you try so hard to help me out. you are the one who love to sneak out from the class session with me  to talk about the music. you are the one who took my lipbalm at school as you say it is illegal. you are the one who ask me at the Physics class if i do understand or not when i frown. thank you Su'aidah :DD

every single day i will get online for more than 12 hours a day trust me. and every time i am online i will straight to go to any portal or website which related to the IPTA and stuff and yeah scholarship of course. but non of it are suit with my achievement. well its ok. i still need to go on.

anyway, my disease coming back. so im gonna stop writing. erm, look at the link down here. click and trust me you wont regret. i found it at my friend's Facebook and it is super cool. so yeah. have a happy day :)


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  1. awwh i don't know what else can i say at the moment other than a sincere, a-bottom-of-my-heart THANK YOU. you are the most fascinating friend i ever have too, and you don't have any idea on how joyful i was when i heard that you're going to transfer to my school back in the 2009. huee it was a really great news for me, so from there i wished to love and appreciate you as much as i could. and i glad that after all these 7 years our friendship stays strong and hopefully it lasts forever. :)

    oh video tu mmg tak menahan hahaha. very the vast okay dan paling aku tak tahan boleh pula in the midst of happiness, your face is so vain hahahah. who did the video wehhh?