Sunday, March 27, 2011

being lazy ain't cool

currently im doing a vlog for my result day. OMG did i mention that like million times before. i know till now it still not finish. sorry for those who are waiting for this. i don't know i do everything based on my mood but yeah now on i just don't have one. haih. pissed off lazy!

so yeah i got a story. yesterday i joined a chat room at YM and yeah i regretting myself for doing it. i can't believe that Malaysian are sssooooo stupid. not all just some of them. apahal dah gersang sangat dah ke? with all the bohsia stuff sukahatikau je wan nak panggil aku bohsia. @#$%^%$#$% as i remember that the guy name is redzuan_wan90 and yeah trust me he is so dirty and acting so low. kira kalau standard yang kita bubuh bawah tapak kaki kita laa laki ni. sorry man but u pissed me off. dah tak cukup dengan tu nak terhegeh hegeh add YM aku. blah kau!

anyway, i know this one guy which is THANK GOD he is clean. the reason he join the chat room is to improve his BM. ok weird right? ok let me tell it detail-ly. he is actually live in Malaysia once but then move to Singapore. he live in Malaysia from 13 till 18 then move out to follow his dad. he is mix chinese and malay. his mom is malay from Selangor  and his dad is chinese from S'pore. both of his parent is a doctor which id damn nerd for me. 

he have four siblings which he is the second one. the first one is her sister 26 years and i don't know her occupation but probably a doctor cause he told me that all of the members in the family are in medic stuff. he is currently studying at S'pore in engineering construction. is it ever exist? haha. fool me. 

just knowing that i can say that he have a really rich family and kind of successful but talking with him is an okey cause he is humble type who asking me to off as he want to go to surau. owh yeah now he is at Shah Alam. visiting his grandparent. but anyway, i don't trust him that much. who knows that he is bluffing for all this while, right? so yeah. 

hye ribena appeton members this is the guy that i said nak masuk minang tu. HAHA im just joking LOL. 

got to go now. got to finish up my vlog. if i didn't finish this i couldn't start another vlog. so yeah bye all. remember keep smiling :DD

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