Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SPM was done. everyone already knew their result. everyone are busy apply-ing IPTA. well duh same like me. i really hope that i can get into UITM. HAHAHA well whatever la kan.

i got a lot i mean terribly a lot of letter from college promoting their institution like MAHSA MASTERSKILL UTM and bla bla bla even from a college that i never heard off. oh godd. then most of it is all about medic stuff. and yeah diploma of course not asasi tahmid or pra-U whatsoever you guys think off.

just that there is too much thing on the list is all about medic. i am curious. is medic is the hot career now on? do everyone looking forward for a graduate in medical stuff? does business wasn't even on the list?

owh yeah not to forget all the media and technology. i got tons of promotion regarding that too. letters are everyday. ok i couldn't lie about this but i feel like i am so famous cause its like everyday i got new letter. all of them mentioning my name. ok it wasn't a big deal. they are all IPTS which is will never be my choice. maybe i will further to IPTS to continue multimedia which is my passion.

today i got a letter from UTM. courses offered is pra diploma in trading and pra diploma in science. ok whats that? science in....? totally out . im not gonna continue to pra-U. full stop.

 <---------------  i want this!!! loser enough? WTV

last but not least,  I AM CONFUSED AND I AM HOPELESS.

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