Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the most awesome horror game ever !!! Asylum 626. you won't regret.

hey guys so since i am no longer a school student so i spent most of my time here on the internet. so yeah. i've becoming so active on the FB in a group called ribena. well ok sounds stupid but whatever it called i still love hang in there. its a place where my friends and i, i mean the old friend from primary school gather.

so one day my friend showed me a link which someone give her. so i was like hey this is a prank. i know about this game. so yeah open it up and i couldn't say more cause its graphic totally awesome. trust me. no regret playing it. TRUST ME!!

so yeah first of all i need to choose either for sign in or commit. so i choose commit. well then comes the horror part. at that time i play it late at night so i can't stand the fear so i close the tab. my friend su'aidah play it and she comes across to level THREE which is CRAZYYY!!! i can't believe she play it.

this game is all about revealing mystery. ok i don't really know cause i didn't play it yet. but its all about an experience. i love the part where it says


ok you can sense the ..... i don't know how to say it but yeah it is temptation to play it. like the feeling u get when someone dare you on something. its that too bold! erhg, ok enough explaining.

well i can say that the creator is kinda psycho cause they didn't call it A GAME but perhaps A TREATMENT. do you get the excitement enough now? well yeah i AM.

here i would like to share some of the picture i get from the internet. this picture are not in order. just look at it. a strict awesomeness.


just so you know that this 'TREATMENT' only available at 6PM till 6AM. so if you open it up during the day u can't play it unless if you only want to see the trailer or you want to book an appointment. its crazy i know.

so here is the link!!! i know you want it i want it too

enjoy !!! back off with peace symbol on my hand.


  1. game lawak ni...

    btw did u know u kena ON webcam n then they catch ur pic bila u takut?? tau x??

  2. for secret drifter yeah i know but we can deny that kalau tak nak. anyway, dalam game ni part three kalau tak silap dalam tu ada banyak gambar hanging up at ceiling. semua gambar tu is about picture semua orang yang ketakutan main game ni which is lawak. ternganga lah. tapi game ni cool ok.