Thursday, March 3, 2011

didn't it look amazing? brutal yet girly. really nice.

ok so now on nak share ngan korang things that i really look for. tengah simpan nak beli ni. haih punya lah nak beli. yer puan puan. saya jarang dan sangat jarang menabung. bukan tak nak tapi tiap kali menabung duit dah banyak mesti ada toyol datang. haih sia sia usahaku selama ini.

ok eventhough im not really use to this but i really adore brogue shoe. like seriously. sebelum ni i thought brogue shoe is only for men but nah i was wrong. look really nice ngan cropped pants. again amazing.

kalau u guys perasan, before this on my photoshoot i do put a picture with a brogue shoe. if you examine carefully you guys will notice that the shoe is BIG cause i use my dad's shoe. nah, he never know it. it is Polo and sooo expensive. if only he knew it. im a dead  meat. 

this is the one.
 so cara pakai kena tunjuk yang pakar lah ye puan puan. like this.

ya i love it. that day, i found one at Vincci and it cost like RM70. hmm, gotta think it back if i wanna buy it. if i look elsewhere over and over probably i can get something more affordable. 

ok as i promise you. here is the link for the blog that i refer in hijab fashion. 

till then. thanks for reading :)

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