Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OMJAYY im changing my blog.. more colorful. ok nothing good then. entahlah boring kott dengan blog lama. still plain but this time uhuh it soo dramatically colorful. so i guess after this im hoping there is more happy moment for me through this fabulous year. cause i don't have to go to school anymore. well duh

argh, ok i have this on  a little problem which probably will turns out to be bigger then. whatthefishonthehead! sungguh panjang saya blurring. anyway, my mood on blogging is decreasing right now. not to mention my mood on vlogging too. this is because i don't know why really. 

about the vlogging stuff, i do have a problem on fixxing the audio back. bunyi macam sakit telinga. argh, kureng kau Microsoft Movie Maker.  *sambil menuding jari pada komputer so yeah right now macam intentionally nak download other software pulak lah kan. like sony vegas ke. rrrr.. sungguh geram saya.

well about the blogging stuff pulak, entahlah tiada persekitaran yang memberangsangkan. actually i got lots of story to share but since every time i want to update this creature this blog my other sibling surely akan berhimpit dan berasak untuk bermain sekali. so hardly say out of mood sudah. shit korang. HAHA

well anyway, gotto go to sleep. sok nak jog. kott. atau jog atas katil sahaja. XD

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