Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OMG this is sssssoooooo not good of me. OMG OMG OMG! shit how can i forget this? how can i? arghhh.. its so sad. freaking damn sad. SHIT ME!

in so many days, how can i forgot about this really important day? after i've trying so hard to remember this day. how can i ? shitto.

its 16th Feb and im like late a day for my cousin birthday. im so freaking mad at myself right now. i won't forgive myself!

its my dear cousin who i really close with. her name is Atikah Muhsin and i love her. this is sad. ok let me describe her honestly. she is now on 19 years and i am younger one year than her but well then she never act mature. she always act like she is a six year old girl who still pushing and punching and kicking and yelling when her dad doesn't want to give her an ice cream. that is simply Atikah Muhsin. believe me.

she is short. im being realistic okeyh. short like 2 inch than me. ok maybe not that short. she is really care about her own self. in side of beauty or even her look. she do really care about that. REALLY CARE!

every morning, u can see her 'swallow' three different type of pill and all of them based on Gano which all of us our family use that product. even my dad and my mum. and each one of them will be at least three pills each. and yeah it is seriously bitter. yucks. 

now on she is studying Diploma in Business studies at UITM Alor Gajah, Melaka. she is ex-student of SMK (P) Sri Aman which the same goes to my mum. haih dengki aku. the school which i hope i can go to. pfft!

still remember about the picture of my mum. dengan rambut tara hingat punya kembang. owh dulu my mum tak pakai tudung. bila dah kahwin baru nak pakai. haih mak aku ni. tut tut. nasib baik anak dia comel pakai tudung. heh :)
 this picture is taken yesterday which means her birth day and the moment where she celebrate it with her friends. she said that

oh they did, really. with eggs, susu, shampoo, garam, cream, oat and AIR SINKI YANG TERSUMBAT! HAHAHA all mixed in one! iew haha kejam gila!

that is what she got from her friend. i wish i am there so i can laugh at her. so cool. macam tu lah budak budak celebrate birthday kan? ok bajet mature sekejap. XD

ok ini sangat kasihan. she must be dead suprise. HAHA

anyway, i wish you a very good luck for your study there di pedalaman itu  and you get what you want. im sorry for there is no wishes on time because i know that you  have a blast moment with your friend there. rasa macam menyibuk pulak karang. -..-  and i really wish and this is my deep wish to god hoping that you will be even mature soon cause aku dah tak tahan ngan perangai kau. ok joke. not to forget you will be rich and bless with good health. about the rich thing aku memang harap sangat cause after this boleh shopping macam orang gila without even thinking the limit kan?

saya juga berharap supaya you will les scream after this cause when you scream sumpah high pitch kau tu boleh pecahkan gegendang telinga aku. hmm, tapi kalau kau tak menjerit pun tak best gak kan..? ok ok tarik balik.

and because of im late for the wish, i will try my best to make your nerd top on time and do your wide leg pants before the nerd party. i will search for that one in a million mustard shawl for you bebeh. remember kau kena pickpocket then tak dapat beli shawl tu? yeah kau ingat kan. i'll try my best. ok itu sangat susah oghehh. 

whatever it is, happy nineteen Atikah  :DD

from your annoyed cousin, Nadwa. :/

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