Tuesday, February 22, 2011

gigi aku putih. engko ado?

ok exactly today i don't wanna post anything deep. tapi haih den marah ni. den marah!

other than just being a blogger, i am a vlogger too. ada accout youtube yeah. aku ada. pfft -.- sengaja mengejar glamour HAHA  kalau rasa korang ni perempuan silalah mendengar lotehan saya ya.

ok if you being a youtubers all of the activity should be involving video. so since i love video editing, i usually post my video there. tak best mana pun -.- rasa macam nak share something post lah something. but THEN! i have this one great and big and huge problem even im a real high- techno girl pun tak dapat nak solve kan menatang ni. yer lah sangat! 

 ok the probs goes like this. probably for those who knows how to work with it akan faham lah. everytime i drag my clip on the timeline, the sound of my clip broken. and as the result u can hear it on the video of my hijab tutorial.  sumpah annoying.

and i didn't notice it until someone aka blogger tegur. so baru tahu. not the comment on youtube tu ok. so until now i try to find the solution but i didn't get it since. haih so frustrating. i don't know how to fix it! i try to download another one but im afraid if my mum will mad at me cause she told me not to download any file from the internet. so yeah.

well then another solution i try to search at any forum and at trusted website, but still its not working out. pfft what a world..

after some time, aku serik. rasa malas sangat nak betulkan but i know i have to. so sekarang ni just hoping the software will fix by itself or aku just tunggu for another notebook that my dad promise to buy it for me. yer lah nak masuk kolej kan.

well then, im done here. if you know any sofware other than Microsoft Movie Maker please tell me what and where can i download it. after im telling my mum for sure. thank you :)

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