Saturday, October 9, 2010

thanks to my buddy and another two boys from MCKK.
you guys really wake me up today
belive me anythings you guys said on that time

"oh yeah this is oxidation!" by atikah
" so it's mean that voltaic cell are daniell cell? " by lina

never been set up in my mind.
i was still in the air and helpless
all i think was just
"how gross you are being on the same table with them. u knows nothing!"

i was freaking embrassed
freaking stunted
when you guys started to talk about the result
yes the trial result
i was speechless when the guy said that our trial was the simplest test among the other state
and still the guy said that it was freaking easy -.-'

and again i felt so small

and for the first time in four years , i cry.
yes lina , i cry
yes atiqah , i cry sooo hard!

and it never fell great.

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