Sunday, October 10, 2010

it's weird how a boy can separate us. we were very close. very much. just the way her talk , react simply enough of sign for me to back off. but oh dear i couldn't stay away that long as I will live with you forever , my cousin.

i'm sorry, it just that i feels that we're begin to fall apart. not like before gossiping and yelling when we met. even in real life or at skype. i'll still remember when you yell my name "NADWAHH!" like nuts. and i still keep the records of your voice and i've made it to be my ringtone. do you still remember that? :)

just so you know , my life now is like helter-skelter. and usually you are the one who i talk to and confess everything. not my mum. even. everything's change. i'm not trying to be spoiled but it just weird.

well , hope you can call me if you read this. :'(

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