Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my addiction is painful!!!

my time management is suck! i tell you. terrible. i'm going to sit for the probably the biggest examination in my life, SPM but yeah i couldn't stop surfing the internet and stay focus! just learn my table and you know how terrible my addiction is.

6.15 - wake up from sleep. damn ready to go to school.
6.40 - get out from the house. wait for the bus.
7.00 - bus arrive and heading to school.
7.10 - at school. take a nap (just for a while dowh) or check for the missing homework.
7.15 - assembly. (well at my school assembly is every day)
7.30 - started the PNP

7.30 -- 2.40 : PNP session

2.40 - class end. eat and solat zuhur. even rest for a while.
3.00 - extra class. pfftt...
4.30 - extra class end. :)) heading home
4.45 - arrive home.
5.00 - eat properly. qada' lunch. and hastily climb the stairs to the second floor heading to the bedroom and zzz...

this is the worst of all. and it happens every single day. :/

5.00 -- 10.00 p.m or for the next day : i slept all the way to heaven!!

or maybe if i'm not asleep i will online myself like RIGHT NOW!!! and what rhythming in my head is ;

additional mathematics you fail!!!
sejarah you f.4 kosong!!! keep up laa weyh
where is your spirit?
HELLO ur bloody SPM is just like ahead of you okeyh!

guys,my addiction truely painful.
need help here. :(

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