Saturday, July 10, 2010

freak! those the fittest word for a guy. ok ok maybe i'm like over exagerated over here but listen i am true. not because of they did something wrong to me.. not particularly but partially indeed! heh. not even close but truly cause of how easier their life got into.

ok you see. have you ever hang around and see a guy sneak in something vaguely like the hottest umph or like deluva mama? or have you ever see a guy who are shittingly applying make up, put lots of moisturizer on their face, wearing truly thick lippie (lipbalm), or pouring perfume on their damn fabric only to smell heavenly fragrance? yeah that is shit,right? you see guy don't have to do anything. just sat by a tree and there you are. those girl at the edge staring at you. believe me they are. how easy right. guys don't think about girl all time cause they know they don't have to but girls are. they even worship them. hell!

living as a girl is tough. believe me. it is. as tough as hell. partially girl only wanna chill and laid into something blurring blue but not all of them. as you can see here and there lots of girls wanna stand up or flee from their nest. they try so hard just to get notice. you got what i mean? just to get notice..! uhuh. yeahh. only that. cause when they did, its like there are tons of feeling linger on them. it is hard to describe it by word. and due to that, most of the girl done something over as i tell you as before. they put lots of make up: sticky-thingy-on-lippie, white-or-chocolate-dust on all over shit face, rainbow color piece on eye or even sticky-floaty-jelliysh in their eye. then more fabric wrap up their body. not enough with one color they put another fancy stuff to complete it. to top it off not including with the tons of accessories on their chest.

sounds pathetic huh? i called them skanky.

but the end of the day, i know i shouldn't say that as i am the same girl who are living in this unpleasant world living with a stupid statement;

"i just want to get notice!"

i know u must keep wonder what does this girl talking about. well go talk with your girlfriend and ask them to define it. :)

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