Sunday, December 21, 2014

On making things last...

Hai. Assalamualaikum.

wow, it feels so long since the last time. what am i doing here even? gah. apa dah jadi? lama gila tak menulis balik sini. okay here. i kinda distracted you see. blog is no longer a trend, kan.. ada instagram, twitter. oh yeah twitter paling buat aku rasa malas nak blog dah. sebab i literally write my everything there. i mean it. everything, now, its just...


memang best dapat update at all times, but sharing moments at twitter tak memuaskan. sangat tak memuaskan. i write a little things without able to explain. macam soooo sikit thing i write there. tak best. now, its my final. my very final semester of my degree for studying. next, its gonna be practical and then gonna start on carier world. truely, im excited and scared. kita kan dah disogok dengan dunia ini susah and blablabla.

oh btw, i write back here just because aku rasa aku merugikan masa dan effort aku untuk menulis pada suatu benda yang tak lama. like twitter and all other social sites. at least, blog could be my digital diary, no? perkongsian aku terlalu sikit. and lama-lama... hilang... macam angin. so i think im going to write here back. and not on twitter, even intended to delete my twitter. but its hard tho. i've tried before. twitter kalau bebetul delete took me about three months and then baru automatically delete. that means, i need to restrain myself from open twitter for three months. susah! serious. sharing my world back after so long of not being super narcissist here, kan? kinda miss that. to spill long things here.

well, hello blogging world, Shaika is back! (i think?)

before that, here is me. in case if you dont remember haha

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