Thursday, April 11, 2013

This stupid random thing I found.

peace be upon you.

haven't blog for awhile. who cares anyway. just wanna share this thing out. found at facebook with a caption;

this is a true gentlemen. 

LOl can i laugh ? this is bullshit out of spoken irrationality.

what do i call this? GELOJOH. i repeat GELOJOH. not that im trying to focus on that sexuality part on marriage but the whole concept it is. hey let us be real here ok. for me, in this picture just trying tell that marriage is something that you can easily work it out and stuff without knowing the burden that tag along with it.

just be real. its hard, kan ?

and for the concept for no need to couple, lets just marry lah. better that way. no maksiat. dude, nowadays, its hard to find the real guy, i mean the real guy who really wants you for who you are instead of just doing all that simply because lust.

and as the caption what ? gentlemen ? haaaa susah nak jumpa.

if you found one, probably they just pretending or their parent do trained them well. well then untunglah you.

so as in for me, do  know each other first before getting to the next level which is marriage. come on man, i think this concept is familiar with everyone. hearing those awww sweet moment kahwin terus without kenal is more appropriate then end up with divorce, how cool is that ? naah. funny.

anyhow, im not trying to offend people who read this stupid article whatsoever you call it with a statement 'budak ni tak ada didikan agama ke apa? mensahihkan maksiat sebagainya' just i dont care.
or even people yang do marriage with parent choice, im sorry if offended, but i just really not into this out of my control things which is marriage without my choice.

couple haram sebab maksiat. dah niat sebab nafsu memang patutla haram. lahaii, and one fact that you should know people, i mean guys out there, if you really want the girl, jangan rosakkan dia and for the girl, don't be too stupid because of love.

i have my opinion, you have yours too. so respect each other. peace.

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