Saturday, February 23, 2013

Procrastinate again.

Peace be upon you.

procrastinate kills me !!

anyway, aku janji banyak kali kot nak update but tadaaa it just not happening. so in case if you wondering. i love procrastinate. ok please kill me. aku malas nak bagi alasan cause ehem who cares btw.

anyhow, today aku just akan update this blog as much as i dont care randomly make cause im cool liddat. ok naah dont go away i try my best to make every post are valuable to read.

well, as usuallah everything is about my random thing in life. good or bad.

hmm, today, my cat which is the 5th generation in the whole history deliver new baby which is seramai ha nampak tak ramai nya anak kucing aku. RAMAI? ok banyak. banyak adala dalam 3 ekor ? hmm, banyak la tu . so this 3 new kittens gonna be the 6th generation for my history cats family branch in my organization that i would love to call it (ok aku merepek lagi -,-)

abaikan. ehem.

so lets update through photos. next entry please :)

Hey :D

As usual gambar tiada kaitan. Ado den kisah ? Jangan puji flawless sebab aku edit photoshop gila bapak. Sila percaya. 

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