Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oh ayah.

When im getting old, i begin to be even scared of everything around me. wonder how?
lemme tell you how.

im getting old, thats for sure.
im growing up.

sometimes im too overwhelm with the joy that i have now and having fun at all time i get without remember that;

my parent is also growing old.

at my age now, any minutes or even any time it is, they might fade away which will be the biggest nightmare that i can't endure. no matter what i did. i just can't.

mati itu pasti.

if only i can change that fact.

anyway ayah, selamat hari lahir yang ke 48/49.

jangan salah kan aku tidak mengingati tarikh lahir dia, ayah pun tak ingat. LOL

serious weyh gambar ni priceless, susah nak dapat satu shot ayah senyum. serious. sangat susah. siap pegang aiskrim 50 sen oh tak, seringgit lagi, ohh pricelessssss. ahakz !

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