Thursday, January 31, 2013

Change to be better me.

Peace be upon you.

actually i just reviewed my friends facebook cause i miss them so much. it was somehow reminisce me with my past which is not really cute to be remembered.

it was about this one evening, i invited my friend to play along with me. i was not a really rich family to be true as in i dont really have money to buy doll as in the real one. so i purchased paper doll which i know basically girls know what is paper doll

its a graphic doll, drawn on papers together with all the accessories and cloth. basically you have to cut it out from the papers and play with it. this game somehow teach how to mix and match. whatever, get back to the real intention of the story.

friends of mine came in and sit right beside me. i was playing with the paper doll together with another friend. guess what? another friends of mine can possibly say this

' main patung kertas je? tak mampu nak beli real one ke? boringla. jum pergi tempat lain'

sambil ajak kawan lain main ke tempat lain.

well, to be true, this hurt me. so much. eventhough it was a small matter to be exact but this really hurt me.

well, i guess this is why im improving myself so bad until i be who i am today. well, one of the reason.

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