Thursday, December 27, 2012

Haram jad .

peace be upon you.

so today , my story gonna be a little tension. but just bear with it. this is for mainly about guitar.

so last week i just purchased a tuner which cost me about RM70 and it is officially too expensive for   just a guitar tuner. i mean it is the normal one which reading detected by vibration. ok here is the deal.

the one i bought is actually broke down.

mulanya begini, one time after knowing yang bunyi guitar korang tak sedap, mesti korang rasa nak main change the skru one kan. so i bought myself this tuner. to help me find the right tune for the string. so i use it and the reading was a bit gila. idk really how to use it. so aku keep on ketatkan cause the reading say so until the string is actually putus.

this is a really 'great' moment.

u know the E high string kan? yang paling nipis, first string. bayangkan string tu putus and melantun to your face !! what you think happened?

luckily it didn't goes straight to my eyes. kalau tak... im blind for god sake !!

since this string dah tak boleh pakai langsung i brought the guitar to the music shop. they say that the tuner rosak. cannot be used.

DO YOU KNOW HOW MAD I AM AFTER KNOWING THIS? i mean come on la. mahal kot. dah tu rosak. dah tu bila guna i almost make myself blind sebab reading malaon tuner ni? imagine if the string goes straight to my eyes? cool ? memang tak ahhhhh..

so end up, aku call the shop that i bought the tuner. we had a little argument and stuff and yeah they asked me to go back and show to them the tuner. here is how i make them admit that this is their truly fault.

function tuner is the screen suppose to go blue and white without any chord shown. but the one i bought tak ketip lagi kat guitar dah ada bacaan chord. so it means error. bila ketip and mainkan chord baru screen goes hijau.

so i asked this mamat, is it true that when kita on tuner the screen supposed to be blue and white only kan? and he said yes. i told him that my tuner after on terus hijau and bacaan G string number 3. WTF was that ? ??

thing is , if i want to sue the shop, i can do it, but i don't want this to go big. cause this shop is new and periuk nasi orang kot. but kalau dah berniaga, buatlah cara berniaga. jual barang rosak then mahal gila bapak and they should have known error like that can cause pain like me, it almost cost my eyes ok !!!

langsung tak cool =='

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