Saturday, July 21, 2012

Malaysian 10 dares. Munah Hirzi i freaking love you guys lah !

YOLO !!! (You Only Live Once)

ok thats the fittest greetings kot for this post. haha who ever follow me up on twitter of course tahu aku dah gila ngan dorang ni. that is MunahHirzi like so freaking cuh-rah-zy !

dorang adalah Singaporean yang gila awesome for their humor and spontaneous act. you can subscribe them up on their youtube channel HERE. serious tak rugi langsung subscribe for them. really are. dorang jugak boleh dikira sebagai the youtube sensational for god sake. Malaysian yang tak pernah watch video dorang silalah pergi tengok sekarang. sekarang sekarang sekarang !

and for the record, jujur from me this youtube channel even dah sampai 208 videos till now, i've watched every each one of it. IM FREAKING SERIOUS LA MACHA ! and to all of the segment yang dorang ada i love Dares segment dorang. Gee, tolonglah tengok.

dear kamu MunahHirzi, do you know how im hell excited to know that you guys actually nak datang Malaysia and do you know how badly i wanna see you guys? too bad, im at Perak and plus my dad accident or else i dah greet korang kat airport. now you know how im super love you guys. huh >.<

owh well, these are the videos yang MunahAndHirzi do dares at Malaysia. true malaysian should watch this. Malaysian sometimes can be too stressful. you guys need to laugh a bit ya know. i adore them for their guts to do these kind of things. gotto to admit, i am crazy myself but for this stage, naah i won't do it. tak berani. hey their act here actually boleh kena saman ya know. thats why i adore them. im a freak ! naaahhhhhh XD

no one in the whole world can do such thing other than them and upload it on youtube. yeay !

here, i've shared with you guys the videos yang sangat awesome. all the credits goes to them :D

Favourite part :
> Hirzi gelabah explaining why his room just not clean and smell bad. haha
>OMGADDDDDD LOVE HUBAB SEGMENT. LIKE ALL OF IT. especially the part where he says owhh kereta semua jalan kat lorong yang betul. "betul, ha betul tu, haa betul betul betul." wakakaka. and wth with Sudin? wahahahahaha. and after he did that, he like walk past tanpa rasa bersalah. muka comel jee.. geeee, can't stand that la weyhhh
>oh god ! Munah part yang paling erghhh favorite ! sangat berani and spontaneous, i won't do that. never ever. the bridge part. AH-WE-SOME !

dua video ni pulak ada banyak lagi favorite. watch la. tak rugi. serious.

till then guys :D

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