Wednesday, May 4, 2011


this evening, my old friend, whom i never met for four years came to my house. can you imagine like a million dollar just drop off in front of your house waiting for you to just pick it up? yup, that's how i feel. im delighted. superbly happy oghehh.. thank god she rang me first or i probably got heart attack.

you know, when its like you never met people for a very long time, everything get so awkward. like you are talking to a really HOT GUY ! for a lady lah. or even like you are talking to the prime minister. something like that. so that is what happened just now. alhamdulillah, luckily i managed to control the situation. i just talk about the past, updating ourself about what happening now and not to forget i kept on laughing over something silly or else its going to be even more awkward.

so she is Nur Jannah and a very genius student. she is former student of KISAS and she got 9A' is some of the very old picture of us. eheh. mind it ok. OLD PICTURE !


so there is it. the messy old me. the lame old me. the loser old me. and the cuty Jannah teehee.

then goes to the sad story. forth of us me, jannah and the other went to town to fetch another friend of us. yana drove the car. i felt embarrassing and sad at the same time cause they teased me for not having my own driving license yet. actually i don't mind this at all but then at some point i couldn't stand it you know. its like a balloon waiting for the right time to blow up. im sad cause between the five people on the car i am the only one who don't have it.

somehow, i feel like im a big damn loser fucker you know. sorry for the bad word but yeah. i do feel like it. its not that i don't have money. its not that i don't have time for it. its about my parent. they think if i go to the driving class who is going to take care of the house? who is going to take care of the other sibling? and all the responsibility drop on my shoulder turns out to be a burden.

they do can rely on my other siblings but they still think that my brother who are 15 years old and a sister who are 13 years old still a little kid who can't do any works. even to clean their own dish.

Dear parent, if everything turns out worst after i go to college don't blame them. blame yourself for not teaching them the way you teach me once.

go away !


  1. alahai..
    dear,thanks btw.
    don't be sad about the driving licence okay.
    nice hangout ^_~

  2. tu gamba bini aku tgh dukung sape tu?

  3. wakaka...teringat kisah lalu dengan anda.haha

  4. nizam, asal 'anda' ? peliknya..

  5. aku baca balik post ni. hehe.
    rindu kau shaika T_T