Monday, May 9, 2011

great things always comes with sacrifice. *mencik dowh

Now everyone are so freaking excited about all the offer that they got. so do i. siapa tak excited dowh ? we can run away from our house, run away from all the chores and most importantly run away from the responsibility. saya bukan pemalas -,-

i got offer from UITM and Matrix (do i spell it right?) exactly like what i pray for. a business study for UITM and science course for Matrix. Alhamdulilah. I thank you Allah. no word to describe how i feel now.

to be honest, i am flummoxed either to choose UITM or Matrix. owh sorry i got offer to UITM Arau by the way. ok lets see. arau is so far and yeah i do mention it before that i wanna travel right. remember? but then to think it back im like owh wait its just too far. i do want to rilex by this time. cause it is diploma. less stress. and another reason that really distracting is my DAD.

don't wanna talk about him.

 so then at the end of the day, after lots of arguments, talk , 'muhasabah' session, i chose Matrix Gopeng. ok i know this is probably the hardest choice i ever done but arghh OMG i scared if i regret it. the most annoying feeling is regretting. so i try as hard as i could to avoid it.

same situation like i just bought a nice heels at Vincci with a price of RM135 then i go to NOSE and i've found a better one with a cheaper price. so that is how i feel now.

so whatever it is, i'll try my very best and please pray for me and only God can repay you back :)

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  1. hi adik....well...u org kangsar lah..nnt bole ajak akak dtg sane.....tgk vespa sama2..kan? =.)