Tuesday, May 10, 2011

again, me with fried icecream. WAHAHAHA

so basically today my day started with my mum yelling as usual. HAHA i already told you before right? yup yes she is and im really proud of myself cause i have such a life alarm clock. trust me its freaking annoying when its involve those high pitch. but i love you mum. i really do.

my friends and i do have plan this like forever but everytime the time comes, we failed it !! goddammit! erm, you should notice that my friends and i are actually come from the same species. the species who always wake up late ! yeah ok i reveal the bad side of me. again.

the plan is making the fried icecream ! TARRAAAA... i know you never heard of them. ok like for you who have known this trust me i just knew it. hmm, ok sure you can call me lame. well go on.

well we use this Wall's icecream. a new recipe but for me its a very old recipe. vanilla with strawberry syrup. *im melting again

ok the cost? alahai sayangku RM6.80 only derr.. kalau kongsi ngan kawan dah murah gila dah. then u need to buy your own loaf of bread. buy the bigger one. not the mini one. you can get it less than RM 10 yaww. how cheap huh? cheap as in share with three people. 

same proses as u make 'pau' . u know pau? tak tau ? pergi menyorok dalam almari ok. *faint

the icecream u need to wrap it with the bread. ehem ,yeah use two pieces of bread ok. just look at the picture.

hmm, ok i have to admit it. it look freaking retard ! well like honestly while we're doing it we were like laughing all the time. all the chance we get we laugh. that is why the retard-ness is clearly shown on the ice cream puff there.

oh yeah the one in the plastic, we need to put it in it before we put it into the freezer. so while we wait for the puff for an hour at least , my friend decided to watch korean movie. lame again? whatever. the movie entitled God of The East. never heard of it. google them lah hoii.

 my favourite ! :p

 ini ctort buat. sangatlah tak cantik. biasalah amature .. WAHAHAHA :p

so this is how it look like when you fried it. well in this case, i think i over fried it. never mind. the first word came out from my friends mouth was "hmmmmmm...!" as the sign for how tasty it is. ok den banggo kojap.  teehee.

so i guess till then :D

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