Monday, May 30, 2011

30th May 2011 - First Lecture Day

So today my day started at 4.00 am. i woke early today so i can wake another friend of mine. when i settle up everything i rush to the cafe. class will start at 8.00 but at that time its still 7.30 but yet the cafe already full with people. damn! i settle up just to eat some sausage and french fries only.

My very first lecture are at the Lecture Hall 6. trust me it was damn huge. or is it just me cause i am not use yet to the University environment? yup but hehe it is. owh did i already mention about the situation in it? feels like in a freezer ok. i can't stand it. too cold. luckily i bring my hand scarf along. am i say it wrong?

so yeah. the hall. lets see.

its kinda huge i guess. i've been in it like 2 hours non stop. can you imagine how my finger look like?

so anyway, after that i went to the IT  Lab 2 for a Science Computer subject. the class suppose to be for two hours but unfortunately the class only for half an hour due to the mischange password on the computer that we suppose to be use. so yeah. lets see how it look like in the lab.

damn i hate 2 mp phone camera. ! well then we are allowed to go back to the room. so now here i am reporting this thing. i'll be having my lunch after this and do some prayer then get some sleep for another class which will be start at 2.00 pm. so guys. will be continue later.

*i tend to update my blog regularly due to the boredom and i couldn't access Facebook as at this hour it has been blocked.

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