Tuesday, April 19, 2011


oh wow. Yuna Zarai got her own channel? like seriously? go to this link. super love this tutorial even though for sure im not gonna apply it to my daily life cause ya know my face is super duper chubby oghehh.. so here is the link

and her very first tutorial of turban. even may lots of people do hate it, nah mind that. i love it by the way. perfect for my lazy day. 

Im Done ! toing toing


  1. I can offer you English tuition if you want.

    Why? How do I NOT put this delicately...

    You sound like SHIT

    Anyways,hit me back if you do okay, I'm awesome like that :)

  2. u do? oh thats great but how? wait a sec. do 'anyways' count as correct grammar?