Saturday, April 23, 2011

superb awesome :DD

hmm, lets start with this.

ha ni biaq cik habaq no anon. hang ni lawak bhaii !! ok fine kau superb. aku tak superb.

for those who are wondering this is the comment that i got for several post of mine. i don't know who but i guess 'they' are from the same person. i GUESS ! if not OMJAYYY i got haters. excited bhaii. this is like a lot. a lot lah kott.

ok look at the last comment. about the tunggang langgang stuff. ok wait up. nak gelak dulu.
*after 10 minutes

hmm, just so you know. the reason i write in English is because i want to improve my English. i want someone to correct me. i want someone tell me that this certain part of my post is wrong. tell me its a HUGE mistake. i don't think its hard to do. plus, there is the comment box. so use it ! don't talk bitch la weyh. be nice.

if i write in English it doesn't mean that im proud or simply wanna show off just because i talk diff language. like WTH. awak matang so saya rasa awak boleh fikir dengan penuh bertamadun kan? tak perlu jadi haters bagai. thank you.

ok second.

from the sentence i know you try to be nice at first but then you can't stand it. you feel like you HAVE to tell me that im suck. owh thats great. im ok with it. you say that you wanna offer me English tuition? like real? OMG i so need it. like freaking want it. then you tell me to hit you back. hmm, i wonder how. how can i hit you? i mean there is no link provided. AT ALL. like are you even serious about that?

hmm, well look at this. this is the part where i get confuse cause i know someone like you who brave enough to say things like this must be better in English than me. but do 'anyways' count as correct grammar too? tell me if it is. i need to know. BHAHAHAHA

from the trusted sources 'anyways' doesn't mean any. like it doesn't even exist. are you serious? you offer me English tuition but you are just the same like me. ok even i know that this is wrong. we're not the same anymore. if i do type it wrong here in my blog i think it can be an excuse cause dey macha! i type a lot here la. how can i notice every mistake i made? duh

im scared if i'll be even worst than before when i accept your offer. again BHAHAH. i know its not nice to say this but still i don't think its nice for you too to say things like that even you do know that this girl (me) is still learning. give me a break. but anyway, i still need that offer. lets see.

owh yeah, can i label you as a coward? er, cause u didn't tell me who you didn't expose the real you here so how can i accept the offer dowh. pikiaq sikit naa. if you can be a bitch i can be a bitch too. yo bitch ! ok stop. i need to laugh.

seriously i can't stop laughing lah weyh !

ok comes to the third. its the one with a long or word whatsoever there.  i love to say it so i will write it back.


*sila baca dengan penuh jelik. muka herot pun tidak mengapa. 

if you like wonder what is this lah macha. go to this link after you fully read my post here. cause i disabled right click on my blog. sorry :(

hmm, tell you the truth. i do admit that i do make a mistake there. because i write the post at 3 am in the morning while my eye half-shut and i didn't focus much. whateverla fokus tak fokus still berterabur. BHAHAHA again for my stupidity. at least im trying. this is my habit. i love to write a very long essay and i tend to just click at the 'publish' button as soon as i think that i already done with the post without even care about all the grammar stuff. really i don't care.

ok macam ni lah. hmm, if you ask me or force me to stop writing in English i don't think i should. cause this blog is my first step. i use this blog.... ok dah penat nak cakap banyak kali momok.
*tarik nafas

i use this blog as a method for me to improve my English by making the comment box and also the shout box chat to enable people out there who read my post to correct every mistake i made. easy as that. there is no need for all that nasty things bhaii.

owh yeah, hmm you you ! the one who offered  me tuition. do hit me back. hahaha LOL.

owh now i know that you are the owner of this channel, am i right ?

dabedabedoooo im HOT

or this one

im freaking awesome yaww

ok sekarang cik dah tulis dalam bi naa. hampa hampa yang nyampah tu,  gitau sikit kat cik mana yang salah.HAHA

mimik ni FAIL !


  1. owh budak kl yer? hmm, i can detect you somehow

  2. chills babe. even i live in KL, i dont have fluent English like that ANON.
    English is a learned-through-experience-of-using-it language. Anyway, every language is a life learning knowledge.
    You'll improve in a blink of time.

    Mungkin sebab kamu macam direct translate from Malay to English sebab tu dorang cakap camtu.
    Tapi, takpelah.. kita belajar kan?


  3. Read English books and articles more. You'll improve in no time. ;)