Thursday, April 28, 2011


yesterday is the day where all of the school leavers should check their status for matrix. so basically i didn't know the date so i didn't check it yesterday. i know less thrill there. no wonder i feel like there is this huge scary energy ask me to go online.

im a type of person who always spend my time in front of the computer surfing the internet. so if one time i didn't go surf its weird. and yeah this morning, i checked the status and this is the result.

see ? i got Perak. ok good thing is, its in the same state as where i stay now and its not that far from my house. well sort off. but STILL !

the bad thing is, tak boleh nak merantau bhaii. baru nak ambik kesempatan nak lari rumah. hmm ok whatever. janji tak duk rumah sudah. HAHAHA *gelak setan. over nyah

anyway, i just knew that well we can say most of my friend got the same place. so it should be fun ! can't wait and my dad just said that i need to go to matrix. so now we can say that BINGO ! i've made my choice but owh wait got to wait for the IPTA result.

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  1. congrats, i got pahang, but i still waiting for UPU (:
    my head all in mess now ! HAHA