Sunday, April 17, 2011

hijabers, being sweet and supporting each other wasn't hard ya know.

ok first and foremost, assalamu'alaikum and i hope you have a great day today.

what happened shaika? whats with the tittle. something is wrong? something bad happen to you?

yes it is. a terrible problem of the attitude of the hijabers nowadays. to tell you the truth im not pissed and im not mad. there is just something that really bother me through my blog. yup, my tutorial vlog. ok not really counted as tutorial actually. its like sharing how maria do it even i do a mistake there. i personally very excited while making it and yeah kind of.

the vid. yes i do feel embarrassed to share. tell me just tell me. do i make a huge mistake here?

so the thing is, on the vlog i got like more dislike compare to like which is seriously 'awesome'. like SERIOUSLY? ok ok, if people kinda annoyed with the audio problem, i do have mention it. there is something wrong with the software that i use and it has been fixed. its an old vid ok. after i have uploaded it i couldn't change what i do before. so are you expect me to delete the vid and upload it back with a new improvement? that is way too hard dowh. the thing is i spent my 5 hours to edit it and i spent 2 hours to upload it for god sake. so you think im gonna repeat it back. memang tak lah weyh.

ok now on dah tak mood nak write. you guys pergi je lah kat link yang aku dah bagi tu. bacalah all the comment and what i rep. thanks for those yang benci nak watch but tend to just close the tab. cause seriously thats great dowh.

anyway, this is my new update on the vid. i had enough !


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