Monday, April 25, 2011

Facebook via ..... (LOL)

just so you know, i know that many of you already have your own Facebook account and im very sure that you guys already know about Facebook status. its the place where you want to express how you feel on that certain time, either you guys are mad or sad or wtv. AND Facebook also have millions of application which profit you enough as in getting discount for airplane's ticket and stuff.

so today i wanna talk about this funny application that appear just under your status when you update it , usually by using blackberry, phone web, ipad, psp, and all that gadget. this application will not appear if you only use simple computer or lappie.

so nowadays teenagers love showing off their gadget to show how rich they are and bla bla bla stuff. don't wanna comment much. and because of that there are some of the people like get annoyed and create such a funny application to be sarcastic to those group.

like for example,

you see that? via public phone? via nokia 3310? atau tiga tiga sekupang?

one word.


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