Monday, March 28, 2011

this thing is killing me!

for those who have read about me and this little pieces should have known that i am a vlogger which is still new in youtube life. well still hoorah! so whenever i need to vlog i need to have my own software and all the stuff needed to make one. i've been using Microsoft Movie Maker (MMM) before its my very first software and the result is not that bad. i have everything that i need which is for amature vlog. whatever..

then i started to use something more advanced which i use videopad video editor software. i know about this software after the MMM cause me trouble regarding its audio. usually when i edit the vid using MMM it took me about five hours at least so when it always on that condition the software corrupt thus its effecting my audio and doesn't sounds that pleasant. so its kinda disturb me on that. trust me i loss my passion for a month for this prob.

but then someone told me about this very latest software named Sony Vegas Pro 10. ok i am that excited when i know about this. as you know most of the famous youtubers are using this software and thats the reason they have such a cool effect on their vlog. who doesn't want that? tell me.

then i started to install it on my 'dinosaur' which require me lots of patience as it needed me to download several other stuff and yeah to hack the code so i can change the status install software from trial to a license one. its mean that the software is legal and i can use it for ever. 

to tell you the truth the software is sooo  complicated. its a PRO version so what you expect right?

i am a fast learner alhamdulillah so i learn several thing so fast without remember to learn the basic thing first. i learn how to make MASK but i don't know how to trim the vid. how greed. well anyway, i know how to edit the vid on that software. im beginning to be more confident and comfortable now.

unluckily i don't know why the software is corrupt when i edit the vid for three hours. i even lost my data after the struggle. do you know how frustrating is that? its like you lost your eight hours for nothing. something like that. i don't know you but i am a person who really care about my own precious time so i do really care about this. 

whatever it is i still can't finish up my latest vlog which is about my result day well SPM on 23rd past. owh yeah goddamnit its FIVE days past and i still didn't make it. and owh yeah lots of people asking me for the vlog. OMG this is frustrating. i just about to finish the ending when the software corrupt. how sweet. 

back off with peace symbol on my hand.

p/s : i figured on forum that i need to reinstall it back. WTF!
you're really helping. you really are.

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