Monday, March 21, 2011

OMG OMG just another one more day minus today. guess i need to be ready. i so can't wait for it. i've been waiting to know the result like forever oghehh.. so yeah. i can't wait. im really that sure people out there especially who are waiting for their SPM result freak out. HAHA well me too actually -_______-

i wanna make a vlog about this tomorrow. i couldn't make it today cause its raining and all of the noise around me like yeah you know what i mean when it comes to raining. its thunder storm everywhere buddy. its turning me off and yeah plus im tired. the thunder might affected my video. so yeah. enough explaining i guess.

so recently, i installed Sony Vegas Pro 10 which Syed my friend on FB and YT gave me the link. trust me i feel like a super moron because i didn't even know that at the youtube there are thousand of tutorial on how to get my own software editing without needing me to purchase it. like so damn moron! i figured it out but yeah trust me the process is so complicated . 

like you need to download several stuff and you need to hack the code and bla bla bla. the process enough to kill me. but hey. i made it. HAHAHAHAHA *satisfaction laugh   

this is how the software look like. many unknown button there as i still didn't learn it yet.

as a newbies i still learning it from youtube and yeah i try so hard to figure out each button. I CAN DO MASKING! yeah believe it or not. bahahaha. ok if you wondering masking is a process like you put a face or you put a mask on a certain object so the object can  have their own identity. like for example. watch annoying orange. change the orange to have it own face. i can do it! lalala proud owh.

still i got million to learn. hah!

till then :D

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  1. S untuk crop ur video

    press COntrol at the end of the video untuk buat slow or fast motion

    adding more video n sound tabs can make u add more effects

    ala nanti u akan biasa la