Sunday, March 6, 2011

OMG my new habit is suck! i really need help here.

ok first of all assalamu'alaikum to all of you. for those who read this little pieces and yeah crap as you say. duh. i got to confess that now on my passion had decreased little by little but with a shock end now which i lost the passion of blog at all.

ok like whateber but how can i post this? yes my dear readers i forced myself to. i HAVE to. or else this space of confession would be terribly useless ever.

the internet line in my house are getting slower by time and i don't know the solid reason why. i hate it. for god sake. pfft!

owh yeah. i tend to be more active in vlog side cause i think its kinda cool to show off i mean to talk rather to write even though it is so annoying when it comes to video editing. corrupt software. downloading and installing new stuff. new things come old thing remain but hard to deal.

hmm, looking at friends vlog i thought of making all of my video in english lah. eheh. itching to talk in english like seriously. believe me. i mumbling to myself every single day in English cause i don't have any companion here to talk to. pfft.

owh yeah even Facebook-ing activity decreases now on. gosh!

last but not least passion please come back! i am begging.

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