Saturday, February 12, 2011

yo peeps! here again im talking.

so yeah usually before i begin to write my entry, im going to read others blog that i'd followed. mind that im not read about the latest update but i read the whole of their blog. nak kasi khatam maa and im so lucky enough to find this. this is actually from Anna and i do motivate.

as i am a little girl tak adalah little girl sangat who still learning and still trying to improve my English i found that this entry is so great. you can read it here. well, i can say that most of the tips i have practiced it. ahah memang betul Anna cakap. bantai jer tulis apa then gelakkan diri. yes it is. it really help me because after that im more motivated to use it again and bit my bit im improving. serious tak tipu.

other than this tips, i do make these as my habit.

the first one is when i listening to the song play on the radio. usually i listen to the all of the song are based on English well duh and if i like one song i will google the lyrics and understand the song word by word and if i found one word that is new for me i will jot it down on my litle cuttie book given by my friend during my 17th birthday last year. its so adorable. its 'A Piece of Remember'.  

 cool huh? thanks Siti. saya sayang anda. 

the book chosen also crucial cause it will influence our mood to do that but nah its still ok if you wanna use '555' book cause what matters is intention, right?

the same goes to when i reading a book. no matter what book either fiction or non-fiction. if you want the bombastic word try to read fiction book. uhuh.

well then the second one is to have my own journal or even diary. well for me those things is different. journal is about random thing happen for today and public. means that everyone can read it. diary is for personal stuff and deep thought and yeah depend to the person itself whether to share it or not. for me im not. and yeah i write everything in English.

this method i think is the most effective because when we have a story or maybe there is something that i want to tell detail-ly i need more vocab to do that. so yeah i tend to open up the dictionary like 15 times each time i write. so if one day i found 15 words, time with every single day in a month. u know how much we will get right?

so thats it for now. hope will help you guys too. so yeah its worth to share. daa :)

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