Wednesday, February 23, 2011

so what is going on for today? i mean for now cause now on it still 2.00 pm.

let me tell you about my life that is totally not awesome at all but yeah still i got life. MUAHAHAHA

as usual, today i have to cook for my family. nah, im not a really good cook but im trying to be one. today i cook veggie as usual. so the ingredient for today i use eggplant aka terung in malay. to tell you the truth i dont really know how to cook so alah masak baling baling sudah! HAHA

when i cut it, im shocked because i saw a pattern looking like 'ALLAH' signature. i don't know but i always through the same situation every time i cut the eggplant. well not really lah but yeah!

it look like this

yeah i know im suprise too. look alike right. Allah Maha Besar!

well then other then cooking, to reduce my boredom i will play a game of what i call it 'Mix&Match'. let me tell you how it works. i use all of the outfit i have then i will mix it with everything and match it with a piece that i think will look okeyh.

for boys probably you guys won't know this but for girls probably yeah. you're not? hmm, well then you should. its good plus will enhance your look.

i learned to wear wide leg pants from Hana and i loving it. actually i have it for so long in my wardrobe but yeah i just don't know how to put it on right. luckily i didn't give it to the orphan before or else i will be soooo regret like i do when i give away my black turtle neck shirt that my mum bought before she fly to Europe. pfft -.-

yeah im so regret. i hope i can get it back like SERIOUSLY!

well then i learned a new thing too. i discover a way how to wear a shawl that can reduce the chubbyness of my face. like so cool. for those who didn't wear hijab will do their hair like have a fringe. so since i have fringe too and notice that i look less chubby, i get inspiration to do this style.

owh anyway, do you know what is fringe hair? here let me show you. its what we call side fringe.

real gorgeous!
the shawl looks like this. i guess i didn't do it really that right but sort of like this.

it cover up my side of face but not THAT much like in the picture. so when i wear it, it look like i have a flying hair when its windy. and plus i look cute too. OK VAIN!

well then other than playing the game, i will camwhoring all by myself too :)

motif? rasanya tak ada. HAHA

after this actually im looking forward to do pixie hair with longggg fringe to hide my chubbyness .

well anyway,  i have tons of great designer and fashionista that i wanna share to you guys that probably will inspire you too. so stay tune for the next post.  so i guess till then :)

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