Monday, February 28, 2011

i may not be the best buddy cause i don't know how to mix up when in crowd
or with someone i don't know.
i may not be good enough on their eye cause of my damn first impression
with my bloody nerd glasses
sometime im gross out
picking nose in front of my sister
but i don't care

i love cracking joke with just about everyone

i get really awkward with someone i am not that close
but still it didn't turn me into something weird right?

but the thing is
when its a long time we get far off, believe me. i try to talk with you back.
just with everyone. no one left behind.
i tried my best. my very best.
but im normal girl who easily get bruised inside so yeah

i got damn bad mouth

i said something bad and hurt yet im cool with it.
no repent no regret
deep down under, i know you were offended, hurted
gosh, i wish i can return to the past

no i can't.

if only i didn't say stupid stuff that day, you will never ever
treat me like this.
less care if im still your friend or what
less care if i've change
less care if i get better with the look
less care if you ever wanna talk with me
asking bout the last five years.

i hope someday we will have that conversation. i really hope.

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