Saturday, January 8, 2011

my mood right now is being a bitch.

so yeah well too bad as for now i wanna talk like a perv and im going to talk about this one blog which i think i didnt have to share but seriously i hate her blog. she have like damn application set on and she better take it off or else im not going to visit hers again.

btw, i wanna congratulate myself for celebrating this post as the 100th. yeah i know this is just a minor accomplishment for me as a blogger but its up to me what i wanna do, loser. :)

back to the beginning. lets talk about her blog and why i hate it. through her previous post, she did mention about she want to make her blog looks awesome and beautiful. and yeah now on she did that. but sorry dear its ridiculous. the layout is purple in color and it blink blink with rainbow stripe. and like have a flower on the back. and she put her pict on the header and giving up the same sentence as what my header sounds like. and yeah im fucking HATE that.

i know like ok whatever she wanna do but still! well too bad for her. and and i just wanna highlight about her whatsoever layout that makes my arrow gone when it scroll through her background post which i till now couldnt get why she choose to do that. like what is the function?

if you read this girl, well listen. change it. do you know how long does it take for me to scroll the page to click on the older post WITH-OUT knowing where the hell is my arrow gone?? yeah well congratulate for you, you succeed to waste my precious 2 minutes in my life. believe me i didnt stop cursing on that time.

just so you know i do read about the post where you praise this one blog and you said it is awesome and cute and bla bla bla. hmm, you misspelled the word 'vogue' dear. trust me. view it back and correct it back :)

and and for your information, through the well trusted friend of mine said that you are trying to compete with my friend's blog which you wanna be her rival i mean close rival in writing and the beautification of blog. to tell you the truth since your blog improvement now on have getting even worst so i can conclude you as PATHETIC. sad right?

and as the conclusion, i want you to know that  you try to hard but its not working and you make it even worst!

eenie meenie butty coin
take my shit and you better gone. duh!

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