Monday, January 3, 2011

i thought after i have finished my school it will be mean like heaven to me but i was wrong. im a dead meat. I have my mother's misinterpretation and i hate that. 

as im the oldest sister in my family, i have a lot of responsibilities. yeah just to make it easy let me show you my schedule which i think should be thrown as rubbish.

5.00 am - wake up. (oh shitt i dont like it)
then i have to get myself ready for the next task. 
go to the kitchen which i have to go down stairs -,-
take nasi and cook it as nasi goreng. i hate doing it as it requires a lot of ingredients.
then i have to pack it and give it to my siblings which will going to school 
then i have to yell as loud as i can to wake my siblings or else they will miss their bus
then i have to manage my youngest sibling, ameen 
on the same time i wake my mum
i have to bath ameen
i have to dress him in his uniform
btw, he is seven so this is his first time of real school
after he get ready i will get him to his bus
and this is his first time riding a bus -.-
i will tell him that he just need to take one good spot and sit silently and wait for the bus to arrive at school
then immediately i will running again to my house and drift with my mum to his school by car
at his school, i will wait him like five minutes
then when his bus come i will ask him to get out of the bus
then i will say that this is what he will do after this by himself
he need to learn it as fast as he can
cause after this i cannot help him anymore
then i will say that after arrive at school, he need to go to his class 
i think he know where his class is cause he had his orientation on 31st December dat day
then my mum and i will wave at him as a good bye and good luck sign
at this time, i know my mum wanna cry
then my mum and i going back home
but im not done yet
i will running or perhaps jog to atiqah's house
but before that i will call her first  just to make sure she was getting out of bed
in front of her house i will give salam and call for her name
we will jog first
not far only at the nearest park
then we will play badminton in the early morning 
it should be great
but its weird cause she wanna play at the back of her house
she said its going to be less windy during my last chat session on facebook
i think its going to be okey but im afraid of stray cat
they will try to eat me -.-
i bet they wont cause im not as delicious as atiqah

after im satiesfied enough i will going back home
and my mum going to yell at me cause i left the house without telling her first (well, i guess)
but then she ask me to iron her clothes
even im so tired i continue doing it
after im done, im going to on my mp3 and play a catchy song i have
then i will dance along with it
im sure im gonna like it
then when my dad came home from work
i will go upstairs and relax
then i will take a bath and get myself dress
then i will go down stairs and ready for the breakfast

there goes my chores. DONE! you know what i will do.. -,-

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